JakeCut Origyn Tee

Introducing the JakeCut Origyn Sport Signature T-Shirt – a unique creation from our sports equipment brand. While Origyn Sport isn’t a fashion-focused brand, our athletes-turned-creators felt compelled to bring our logo to life on this limited edition tee. The all-black shirt features meticulous orange stitching and showcases our iconic logo – a blend of an orange ‘O’ for Origyn intersected by a vibrant ‘S’ for Sport in white. The back spells out “Origyn Sport” with a bold, larger orange ‘Origyn’ and a subtly smaller white ‘Sport,’ maintaining our sports-centric identity.

Crafted from a premium blend of 88% polyester and 12% Elastane, this tee is a unique expression of our brand’s essence. The fit is intentionally distinctive, echoing the spirit of Origyn Sport as a sports equipment company. Embrace the exclusivity, as the JakeCut Origyn Sport T-Shirt is produced in limited quantities, and once sold out, it will not be reproduced. Elevate your athletic style with this unconventional yet authentic piece where sports innovation meets casual wear.

OrigynPlus DeepGroove Basketball


The OrigynPlus is the only DeepGroove shot training basketball of its kind. With the DeepGroove seams being about three times the size of a game basketball, our patented design assists athletes in locating the grooves easier. This results in proper hand placement, better follow through, and improved rotation on every jump shot.


NOTE: 29.5 Men’s basketballs are currently out of stock. 

All Pre-Orders will ship April 25th, 2024; 

Pre-Order Sale: $50

Origyn Sport Weighted Basketball


Transform your training experience with the Origyn Sport Weight Training Basketball. Meticulously crafted for ultimate performance, our weighted basketball boasts a microfiber composition leather makeup that replicates the in-game feel. We’ve taken it a step further by adding an extra layer of microfiber composite leather over the grooves, creating an unrivaled game-like sensation. Elevate your practice sessions with an authentic feel and outstanding grip, setting it apart from rubber-seamed alternatives. Customize your routine with our 2-pound or 3-pound options. Step up your training game with our premium weighted basketball. Order yours today!

Remember, the OrigynPlus Basketball is a game-changer in training basketball, and by leveraging its DeepGroove design, you can elevate your shooting skills to new heights. Enjoy the journey, embrace the challenge, and witness your improvement with the OrigynPlus Basketball!

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